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Section 503 Focused Reviews

A focused review is a type of compliance evaluation that is restricted to one or more components of the contractor’s organization or one or more aspects of the contractor’s employment practices…

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Functional Affirmative Action Programs

Federal supply and service contractors may develop affirmative action programs (AAPs) that are based on a business function or business unit rather than AAPs based on contractor establishments…

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eLaws Federal Contractor Advisor

eLaws (Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small Businesses) Advisors are interactive, online tools for employers and employees to know their rights and responsibilities under Federal…

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Listings, Postings, and Notices

As a part of a contractor’s equal employment opportunity requirements, they must notify applicants, employees, vendors and others that they are a Federal contractor and have certain obligations. In…

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Affirmative Action Programs

Affirmative action programs are the pinnacle of an effective and diverse human resource management plan. With compliant affirmative action programs, Federal contractors and subcontractors can manage…